Why You Are Worth More Than you Think

(6 minute read)

self worth 2
Self-worth. How is it measured? Is it measured regarding your material possessions or the amount of capital you own? Can it be measured by the number of likes, shares, followers, and friends that you have throughout social media? Perhaps it’s measured by the number of good deeds that you do throughout each day or the line of work you’re in and its value to others. How can a person truly become worthy of respect, friendship, and love? What do we have to do to earn more of it?
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Sign Your Own Permission Slip

permission slip

(4 minute read)

Opportunities are wasted in life because we’re waiting for permission to take action. While we’re waiting, time is wasted, and talent is wasted. We want to receive an official stamp of approval from someone before we truly live. It seems like we’re programmed to think this way. It shouldn’t be like this. You don’t need anyone’s approval to change the world.
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