YuBookstand_with_bookp! You read that right! Take a look at that title again. In addition to all that I would like to do on this blog, I will also be talking about my journey as the above-mentioned title.

But don’t go thinking I’m super-mom! I can’t do it all and no mom can. There is no way I will pull this off without a tremendous amount of help and support from family and friends. I am in no way a lone ranger, and while I am a single mom, I live with other adult family members who help me with my children.

Technology is the main thing that is making it possible for me to go to grad school. I am enrolled in what is called a low-residency program. Some of the classes are online while the others are self-paced while I work with an advisor. I am required to be on campus a few times a year throughout the program. This allows me to maintain a flexible schedule.

My schedule is packed, but at least it’s very flexible.

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