Turning a Little Bit Into More

sprout(1.5 minute read)

I’m taking baby steps right now. I just got a small advanced payment from a client. It could all easily disappear under the pressure I feel to purchase things that I might really need. Like, medicine just in case one of my children gets a fever. Or, more tissue for runny noses. Instead of skipping out on those things, the children and I will have to miss a school field trip instead. I will need to take this money and use it as a seed. I need to plant it so that it can grow into something more. That’s how the beginning of so many things are. Everything is urgent and needs immediate attention. But, you have to prioritize and weigh out the cost of things. Sure, we’ll miss out on this field trip. But I hope to make this small amount of money multiply into many more field trips that we will be able to take in the future. Thankfully there are free events I can often find in my local community. We’ll be going to a fall festival at our local library instead.

(Image by Brandon Giesbrecht)

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